Former Presidential Independent candidate in 2016 race John Patrick Mbabazi has said he isn’t silent but busy.

Although Mbabazi didn’t reveal what has kept him busy said he happy his longtime political aide, Pt. Emmy Katabazi was finally out of military detention.

Asked by his follower on Twitter why he went silent Mbabazi replied “I am not silent. I am just busy”

On Katabazi he said he was the last of his strongholds who kept their promise of supporting him until the ‘struggle’ is fulfilled.

“Emmy Katabazi was the last bastion of the struggle for freedom and justice. He had devoted his life to this struggle. He has paid the price…Katabazi was obviously detained, for 9 months without trial, because of his historical role and his politics,” Mbabazi said on Social media.

Katabazi has been at Makindye military prison over what military officials say was misconduct contrary to army rules and regulations. He was also openly accused of participating in Parisian politics when he backed Mr Mbabazi.

Mbabazi has been silent since the disposal of his court case challenging the re-election of President Yoweri Museveni in February 18, general elections. His silence has left the population pondering on what his next move would be.