Journalist turned politician Paul Amoru.

National Resistance Movement party is at loss again after another legislator who subscribes to the party is kicked out.

Mr Paul Amoru, the Dokolo North legislator who is also a first timer in Parliament was thrown out by High Court over allegations that he did comply with electoral laws.

Amoru’s opponent John Bosco Okello-okello of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party which Amoru formerly belonged petitioned High Court on the basis that Amoru never obeyed the electoral rules during voting and accordingly, High Court Judge, Justice Wilson Musene Musalu concurred with the petitioner and ordered for fresh elections.

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It is alleged that results from eight polling stations were never added on tally sheets as the declaration forms weren’t signed.

Dokolo North is a new constituency that was curved off the main Dokolo County in Dokolo district

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