Dr. Odoi during a media interview, photo credit, NBS Television.

TANGA Odoi might be known for his mischievous acts during the National Resistance Movement party elections. But little is known about his life when the sun sets down. When the darkness rises, he is relieved from the pressures of press phone calls and NRM operatives who want ‘math to overshadow luck’ during their nominations for various seats and positions.

Dr.Odoi is known to carry a heavy security detail wherever he is travelling mostly because of the ‘threats’ he fears during the day. But at night he ditches his security because the only threats he faces at night are eyes, ears and cameras.

Tanga Odoi disregards his residence and drives alone to a popular hotel in Kisaasi where he has made special arrangements for his room and entrance. He uses a route through the basement which few guests know of.

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He then joins fine young female company in the privacy of one of the rooms. They order for a few drinks which they either drink in a dim lit corner or take to their room upstairs.

He then leaves the hotel with a security aide who comes in slightly later than him. The security aide then hands him his phones and they leave in the same car with the lady. The car is parked swiftly at the front so that no one sees him exit the hotel.

On busy weekends, his car is parked on an access road next to the hotel and Tanga slowly walks to the hotel so that his car is not noticed by the public and the car returns to pick him when he is ready to leave.

Tanga is driven to several posh locations to enjoy finer meals or meet with top NRM executives to discuss what he thinks are important issues.
On many nights, Tanga Odoi is seen returning to this very hotel on an almost daily basis either alone or with a lady. He has turned this into a second home of sorts. One is left wondering whether its thirst for change in sleeping location or thirst for salty tasting juices that has made Tanga Odoi resort to qu

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