TO HOST AWARDS: Fairway Hotel

The Pan African Pyramid is set to recognize different personalities who have made a positive contribution to the enfranchisement of the black race.

Addressing the media at Fairway Hotel earlier today, the organisation’s Speaker Andrew Irumba Katusabe said the awards are the first of a kind in Uganda and that the Pan African Pyramid, a non-government organization, intends to bring to Uganda families of renowned Pan Africanists like Martin Luther King Junior, Khalid Muhammad, Nelson Mandela, Louis Farrakhan and Malcolm X. Others to be invited include: former and current African presidents and, social and cultural leaders who contributed to the struggle of Black people’s rights and freedoms globally through spreading the gospel of Pan Africanism.

BLACK RACE CHAMPION: Martin Luther King Junior
BLACK RACE CHAMPION: Martin Luther King Junior

He noted that there was need for Africa to go back to its basics; the unique cultural beliefs and heritage if she were to maneuver strategically in the global village.

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Mr Irumba Katusabe, who was accompanied by his deputy Norah Asekenye and the Secretary Sandra Kasule, said those to be recognized include revolutionaries, scholars, writers and, movie and sports personalities among others.

“As Africa gets ready to take up the struggle, recognition, appreciation and awarding of the fore fathers in Pan Africanism from around the world who stood up in the most difficult circumstances of their times and advocated for the rights and freedoms of Black people around the world should be the first step taken so as to instill the spirit of patriotism in the new generation that would emulate the works of the fore fathers,” Mr Irumba Katusabe said.

He added: “These awards are not meant for only Africans but everyone in the world that worked towards equality for the Black race and everyone who had a hand in the promotion of Blacks’ freedom and human rights and that’s why families of people such as Martin Luther King were invited despite the fact that he was an African American living in the United States of America but fought and championed the struggle for freedom for blacks and respect of their human rights.”

Those recognized will receive their awards during celebrations to mark the second anniversary of the organization on August 26 at the Fairway Hotel gardens in Kampala.

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