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Don’t involve Ugandan army in South Sudan, DP tells Museveni

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THE Democratic Party has urged President Yoweri Museveni no to involve Ugandan forces in the ongoing conflict in South Sudan between Salva Kiir and his Deputy, Riek Machar.

DP, appeals to the President Yoweri Museveni not to involve the Ugandan Army in the South Sudan conflict” Kakande said.

He said Uganda has been known for sending her army to different countries in the name of creating sanity and peace in war ton countries in Africa that include Somalia, Central African Republic and Sudan.

He said lending a helping hand to neighbor countries is a good gesture but however the continued loss of lives of innocent soldiers during these operations was also painful and needed to stop.

The Democratic Party has expressed its utmost concern over the deteriorating levels of security in the neighboring South Sudan.

DP says regrettably many people both foreigners and nationals have been caught up between the fighting parties.

“We call upon the government of Uganda to invoke its diplomatic responsibility to ensure safe passage of the Ugandan people who would like to get safe passage back home”, said Mr. Kenneth Kakande, the party’s publicity secretary.

He also revealed that the continued fighting in South Sudan had greatly affected business in Uganda and led to losses for many traders since Juba the capital city and which is the centre of fighting is a big market and business centre for Ugandan traders.

Kakande pointed out that the government has a right and responsibility to protect every Ugandan that was in juba and asked the government to bring them back home safely.

Kakande also said South Sudan being part of the East African Community, there was need for all the member states in East Africa to sit down on a round table and forge away out on how to stop the spill of blood in the world’s young nation.

“South Sudan is also governed by Article 6 (b) of the East African Community protocol on good governance and urged the two leaders Salva Kiir and Riek Macheer to put the lives of the citizens ahead of their personal interests and selfish benefit

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