IN THE NEWS FOR THE WRONG REASONS? Entebbe International Airport
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Entebbe International Airport will from today become a holding stopover for hundreds of Germans and other European Union evacuees airlifted from the troubled South Sudan.

In a message sent to German citizens, the German Ambassador in Juba Johannes Lehne said that several German air force flights will evacuate German and EU nationals today from Juba.

“The departures are expected to take place in the afternoon. Target is Entebbe / Uganda. Please ensure that you are starting at 11:00 at the airport and bring the following: your passport and two copies of the passport; hand luggage with a max of 10 kg,” Lehne said.

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Lehne said that the embassy will arrange exit formalities, which may suggest that immigration systems are not operating as normal at the airport.

In a related development, Japan and the United States will offer help to evacuate their citizens today and in the coming days, for those who wish to leave.

Evacuations will rely on chartered aircraft or military aircraft because commercial flights into and out of Juba have been suspended.

The US State Department sent messages to citizens in Juba on Tuesday that over the next few days it will organize flights from Juba Airport for all US citizens wishing to leave the country ‘in light of the recent unrest and insecurity’.

Further details on timing and logistics will be provided separately. For planning purposes, please promptly provide the names of all US citizens in your party who wish to depart.  We will follow up.

The US Embassy on its Facebook page declared that it was ‘not evacuating’, describing its partial evacuation instead as an ‘ordered departure’ of certain non-essential personnel.

“Planning for departures is underway and the Embassy will update as appropriate. Due to ongoing security concerns, please remain vigilant when moving about the city.”

Japanese military aircraft have also been dispatched to Juba to evacuate about 70 Japanese nationals. They left their base in Japan late Monday and were reported to be heading first to Djibouti for staging.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency, a government-funded organization, said its more than 40 staffers would be evacuated together with other Japanese nationals, citing concerns about security in Juba.

An official at the Canadian embassy did not respond to a request for information about evacuation plans for Canadian nationals. Uganda’s government announced an evacuation for its citizens will take place from Nisitu junction by land.