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A red carpet premiere event has been planned for the screening of “The Only Son” at the Kampala Serena Hotel tomorrow evening.

The family-friendly content will appeal to all audiences. The event is hosted in cooperation with the beneficiaries Edyat Foundation, a Tororo-based charity that looks after orphans and disabled children.

“The choice of the premiere venue was very important to us because we are targeting a certain class of people to whom the story mostly appeals,” 29-year-old filmmaker Richard Mulindwa said, adding he’s expecting over 1000 guests.

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Showing will begin at 6 p.m. Admission is at Shs 20,000 and Shs 50,000 for ordinary and VIP seats, respectively plus seating is first-come, first-served. Tickets to the event are now selling at Serena, National Theatre and CKI Pharmacy in Kampala. There are also two types of platinum tables at Shs 500,000 and Shs 1m for six and ten people each, respectively.

The film, “The Only Son,” is a visual journey that will inform and inspire audiences to value and visit the Pearl of Africa by presenting the best things people don’t know about Uganda’s budding film industry according to top movie critic, journalist and part-time filmmaker Polly Kamukama.

Written and directed by Richard Mulindwa, the drama film tells the story of a lavish playboy whose life is shattered after his father’s entire wealth gets seized in an apparent corruption scandal.

Fast-rising actor Bobby Tamale leads the film’s stellar cast in the titular role as Davis, the heir apparent and only child of a cancer-stricken millionaire who learns life’s lessons the hard way following his father’s big fall from grace.

Celebrated Ugandan actors Micheal Wawuyo Sr, Raymond Rushabiro and Nisha Kalema are a part of the film’s strong supporting cast.