The digital world was affected immensely on Wednesday when a popular and classy US$1 billion website, KickAsstorrents(KAT), was brought down following the arrest of its Ukrainian founder and alleged owner Artem Vaulin, 30, who was arrested in Poland.

Vaulin, for who the US is seeking extradition, is facing several charges among them conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit money laundering, and if convicted faces up to 25 years in jail.

KAT is popular with many internet users around the world for its fast and efficient capability that allows its visitors download as many videos, music and files as possible.

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Sources say that Vaulin tried to evade capture by using various and different servers in different countries across the globe, before the KATS website, believed to have been run under the company name ‘Cryptoneat, was rendered inactive, with the US grabbing several of its domains.

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