Norman Tumuhimbise

A function intended to launch a book aimed at unmasking the President Yoweri Museveni’s book, sowing the Mustard Seed today has been blocked by police.

The jobless brotherhood, (group of unemployed youth) attempted to launch another book titled ‘Un-sowing the Mustard Seed’ which is the opposite of the Mustard Seed. The function was at Amazing Grace on Bombo road.

At the function, the expected key speakers included Prof. George William Kanyeihamba, former Action Aid country representative, Leonard Okello, Prof. Edward Kakonge, Amb. Edith Grace Ssempala and Counsel Isaac Ssemakadde.

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The author of the book Norman Tumuhimbise accuses the police force of being unethical and unprofessional conduct exhibited by some of its officers as they called off a peaceful and gazette launch.

Norman said that the police misconduct is not strange to him as most of the officers did not attain full police training thus being half baked.

“The receive and train aka rat policy involves a directive from some senior person in authority to police and army schools instructing them to receive and train some people. The sent students do not go through the entire training procedure but rather do mostly theory and join up the finalizing students as most of the ordinary students get suspensions” Mr Tumuhimise said.

Prof. kakonge who was the first Minister of Local Government for in the first Museveni government said “The government should allow people to express their views, and opinions freely with little or no interruptions at all’’ adding “The police had no legitimate role here and I cannot tell why they were even present”

The interruption by police to call off the event, annoyed the jobless brotherhood members who requested for a refund of their money from police since they had cleared all the payments and the program was called off underway for unknown reasons.

One of the people in the management at the venue and only identified as Peter was seen talking to the commanders of this operation who included suspended Wandegaya DPC, Moses Nanoka Mosess and Wesley Nganizi.

Nganizi was seen making endless call and unsettled was challenged by Counsel Isaac Ssemakadde to make a pronouncement that the launch is nor and void, the DPC failed the task thus walking way and resorted to getting occupied by his phone.