Former Katikiro Dan Mulika while appearing on the 'Morning Breeze'. Photo credit/nbstv

For the second time in less than a week, another prominent personality has linked Uganda to failure of governance.

Appearing on the NBS TV talk show ‘Morning Breeze’, Dan Mulika, a former Katikiro of Buganda has said that Uganda is a ‘failed state’. Mulika becomes the second Ugandan after former Makindye East MP Michael Mabikke, who early this week linked Uganda to a failed state status.

‘Uganda is a failed state. The whole country has failed systems. The other day I saw police caning people,’ Mulika, who is currently an advisor to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi said, adding: ‘Why do people think we are modern? The ‘modern Uganda’ was better than Indonesia, where are we now?’

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He also took a jab at the NRM government, saying it had usurped the power of Ugandans, and called for a review of the Constitution to remedy the perceived anomaly.

‘Power is not the hands of its rightful owner. That is why you see high levels of corruption in the country’, adding: ‘We have to take power to the owner [people] and draft new working constitutional for the country’.

Mulika, who deliberated on a number of social and political issues, also spilled cold water on Uganda’s drive to attain middle income status by 2020, pausing: ‘If people seeking bailout from government are blaming the banking system, how is middle income status going to be achieved?’

He also castigated Parliament and the electoral process in the country, saying they are vehicles used to propagate anarchy.

‘I was here in January and told you that we are going into a useless exercise of elections. We went into an election that had no motive of democracy,’ Mulika said adding: ‘The Parliament is just a caucus. Even the opposition MPs are there to legitimatize the government’.