GAVEL AND RINGS: Signs that things are not all that cool as rings are tossed off the fingers.Photo credit/

Social media has changed the world view of societal communications engagements, and soon we might find ourselves knowing all that happens in the sacrosanct precincts of the high and mighty.

Over the past few days the internet has been awash with very discomforting stories emanating from one of the prominent bedrooms in the East African region.

The story concerns one of the First Families, whose structure has reportedly broken down because of infidelity, which allegedly resulted in the birth of a boy child born out of wedlock, who is now at the centre of controversy.

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It is said that the boy’s ‘real’ father is a diplomat formerly serving at the United Nations in New York, who has reportedly sought ‘asylum’ for fear that he might land in real trouble should he set his foot home, following his recall from the tour-of-duty.

And, because nobility knows no bounds, it is said that a sage, a former Ambassador who represented his country in various foreign missions abroad, has been recalled from ‘retirement’  to come and stoke the burning embers. That the sage chosen for the task is a former diplomat is probably emblematic of the immensity of conflict-resolution techniques required to solve the jinx that has the capacity to temporarily ‘affect the functioning of State’!

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