The Uganda Police Force says it is currently monitoring the security situation in Apaa on the borderline between Amuru and Adjumani districts, where violence and resistance have resurfaced over who owns the disputed land.

According to reports, the Joint Security team in Adjumani has intensified security operations so as to avoid a security breach.

People in the two districts have for years been at loggerheads with those in Amuru claiming that its border is at Zoka River while those in Adjumani claim its border is at Apaa Junction.

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Outgoing police deputy spokesperson Polly Namaye on Monday said this land and border dispute poses a considerable threat to post conflict recovery and local development. According to Ms Namaye, it underscores that the changing land conflict dynamics may have critical impact on the Peace Recovery Development Plan (PRDP).

In 2015, the government forcefully demarcated the contentious boundary, leaving in its wake teargas, injuries, broken limbs and mark stones. Then, women from Apaa undressed before ministers Aronda Nyakairima (RIP) and Daudi Migereko, to protest a planned demarcation of the border.

However, the border conflict has persisted despite the boundary re-demarcation that put the Apaa area under the management of Adjumani District.

For instance, on 13th Aug 2016, the local community in Apaa clashed with leaders of Adjumani District led by the District Chairperson, Mr Leku James Pili, who had gone to assess illegal timber cutting in the area.

The border was mapped using a Global Positioning System (GPS); a space-based satellite navigation system that enables the identification of the original boundary between the two districts before putting a mark stone.

But in opposition, Amuru locals argue that they don’t know what the government wants in Apaa, because the British demarcated the border in 1962 and they know their boundary thus there is no conflict between them and Madi with whom they usually intermarry.

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