Mr Sam Mugumya

Democratic Republic of Congo authorities have declare Mr Sam Mugumya, the Aide de Camp to Forum for Democratic Change kingpin, Kizza Besigye an Allied Democratic Forces rebel.

The Congolese authorities say Mugumya who was arrested in the Eastern parts of the DRC with four others will appear in court next week to answer charges of conducting a rebellion in the Congolese territory.

Mr Mugumya’s name is among the 200 names that were released by the government claiming that they are rebels belonging to ADF. ADF, is a rebel outfit that waged war against the Kampala regime. However, it has been weakened along the way as years went on with the rebel top commander now in government detention in Nalufunya in Jinja after he was captured in Tanzania.

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However, the FDC party has refuted the latest claims and the party has instead contacted lawyers to dispatch to Congo to defend Mugumya and his colleagues.

“We are recruiting lawyers who will be travelling to Congo to defend to Mugumya and others because the Ugandan government hasn’t cared about its nationals” Harold Kaija, the FDC Deputy Secretary General said.

Mugumya who hails from Rukungiri is a few kilometres from Congolese boarder and he was arrested in North Kivu province. His arrest was announced by the Uganda People’s Defence Force’s spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda in 20143 on social media and then to the media. He also said Mugumya had been arrested in company of four others with huge sums of dollars and documents linking them to some rebel outfit in eastern DRC with intentions of overthrowing the Ugandan government.

However, as the Mugumya goes on trial, little is known about the former Bubulo West legislator Tony Kipoi who the Congolese authorities arrested in the same province during the war between M23 and the Kinshasha regime.

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