Uganda tops 'best place for expats' in Africa. Photo/ Lauren Harroff

As Uganda’s oil and gas industry continues to grow, more foreigners are calling it home. Many expatriates in Kampala said that it’s a comfortable and easy place to live.

The ranking for the 2016 best and worst place to live for expatriates is out and Uganda is ahead of the US, UK and Switzerland listed as the most favoured country in Africa.

Uganda is 25th in the world, according to a survey published by the Expat insider.

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By day, Kampala is bustling with business, but when night falls, the city’s clubs and bars light up. There’s also a growing arts sector, with live musical performances and stand up comedy.

Many enjoy dancing or savoring the popular locally-brewed beer.

And the latest ranking scores countries on different aspects including: ease of settling, learning local language and family life. More than 14,000 respondents representing 174 nationalities and 191 countries or territories took part and had their say on moving, living and working abroad.

For a country to be featured in the indices and consequently in the overall ranking, a sample size of at least 50 survey participants per country was necessary. The only exception to this is the Family Life Index, where a sample size of more than 30 respondents raising children abroad was required. In 2016, 67 and 45 countries respectively met these requirements.

The online survey ran from February 18 through March 13 and was promoted through the InterNations website.

Kenya came in second and 46th worldwide.  Nigeria was ranked last on the quality of life and cost of living indexes but recorded an improvement from last year in the ease of settling.

The newcomer Taiwan has ousted two-time champion Ecuador to win this year’s survey. In addition to claiming 1st place out of 67 countries in the overall ranking, it is in the top ten for every individual index! Taiwan holds first place in the Quality of Life and Personal Finance Indices, impressing with the quality and affordability of its healthcare and the enviable financial situation of expats living there.

Gulf States were deemed the least desirable places to be an expat, with Kuwait getting the wooden spoon. However, Italy and Greece also made it into the bottom ten.