EXPECTANT MOTHER: The Mary Luswata 'bump'.

Many Ugandans must be wondering where former Urban TV presenter Mary Luswata, could be hiding.

IN THE UK: Mary Luswata  at the Arsenal Emirates Stadium in the UK
IN THE UK: Mary Luswata at the Arsenal Emirates Stadium in the UK

But those in the know say the motor-mouthed former Urban TV and Galaxy FM presenter returned from the United Kingdom a few months back, laden with a bump, and was hosted to a welcome party at Club Amnesia.

Indeed, authoritative information has it that Luswata is seven months pregnant, effectively rendering baseless Gravity Omutujju’s assertions that no man can go for the pint-sized presenter, who is over the moon over-her-yet-to be born baby.

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“It’s been seven months of carrying you inside my womb and I have never felt anything like this in my whole life. Every single kick and all the amazing things you do in there that I can only witness on the outside have filled me with so much joy.

Every morning, I wake up waiting to feel you move. Sometimes I get anxious thinking you are moving too much or less frequent. God you keep me on the edge but am enjoying every single bit….” Luswata writes.

She adds: “Sometimes I wonder about what you look like, if I will love you enough… But one thing I know even before I hold you is that I will most probably kill for you, I hope I never have to. My heart warms up and I get a zillion butterflies in my stomach just because by thinking about you.”

However, she has been out of sight since the party at Amnesia – at least not anywhere near social places, ostensibly because of the bump.

Meanwhile, the identity of the man responsible for the pregnancy is still a mystery but there are reports he lives in UK, where the two are said to have met on Luswata’s first trip to the Queen’s land.



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