THE EBONIES ON A TOUR OF RWANDA: While the group went to perform at the UNAA in the USA, six of them reportedly vanished in 'thin air'.

The 28th Uganda North American Association (UNAA) that has been ongoing in Boston, USA came to an end Sunday. Dramatically.

Apart from over 40 Ugandan MPs who had travelled for the event, was performing group the Ebonies that had gone to entertain the Ugandans at the event in Boston, USA. The other entertainers who travelled to perform for the over 120.000 Ugandans in North America include Bobi Wine, Isiah Katumwa and David Lutalo.

However, when the time came to return home after the convention, the Ebonies were six people less! We are informed that among those who escaped from the Ebonies camp in search of the ‘American Dream’ of a better life include three dancers: a boy and two girls; two technicians and one guitarist.

UNAA is the largest non-political formal association of Ugandans in the Diaspora, whose objectives are to ‘promote the social, cultural and economic development of the Ugandan Community in North America and beyond’.

Founded in 1988, the UNAA is a community organization for Ugandans and friends in North America, with a particular emphasis on stimulating and encouraging nationwide acquaintance and fellowship among members in North America, United Kingdom and Uganda.