The NTV employees at the UNAA Convention pose for a group photo in Boston, US.

We have already heard of the Ugandans who escaped from their hotels in the US, where they had travelled to attend the Uganda North America Association (UNAA) convention in Boston that ended Sunday. Six of them are reportedly from the Ebonies Drama group.

But those may not be the only ones to look for the ‘big pie’ in Uncle Sam’s country, while in search of the American Dream.

And now reports are emerging that the Serena Conference Centre-based Nation TV might lose eight employees; cameraman Peter Sserwanga, Miles Rwamiti, Moses Mulondo, Raymond Walusimbi and Maurice Ochol are reportedly all out for a ‘disappearing act’.

According to a source, speaking on condition of anonymity, Sserwanga has reportedly found himself a Ugandan lady based in the US, and is willing to settle there with her. Little is known as to what will happen to his wife and child back home.

As for Miles Rwamiti, he has reportedly been around aged white ladies throughout his one week stay in Obamaland, and it is believed he has left no stone unturned as he hunts for a way to see he doesn’t return to Kampala’s dusty roads.

For Mulondo and Walusimbi, they reportedly used the trip to tour some of the biggest shops in Boston and New York. Indeed, according to the source, the two are now window-shopping despite Mulondo initially trying to buy a few clothes.

SHOPPING? Moses Mulondo in a clothes' store, looking out for apparel to 'buy'.
SHOPPING? Moses Mulondo in a clothes’ store, looking out for apparel to ‘buy’.

“He had picked a few T-shirts from the shelves but on presenting them at the counter, he realised they were not as cheap as he had thought. He took them back to the shelves and has since stuck to window-shopping,” the source said.

As for Ochol, the source said, he has stuck by the over 50 Ugandan MPs who travelled for the UNAA event, tight-marking them from his arrival that side to date. And if he were to get ‘bread’ from every MP as has been doing, he is likely to quit work for he would be having “enough money to start up a reasonable investment,” the source said.

So, according to the source, it is only Ochol who might return to Uganda.

I AM ALSO HERE: Sheilah gashumba in the US
I AM ALSO HERE: Sheilah Gashumba in the US

Meanwhile, another NTV staff, Sheilah Gashumba is also reportedly still in the US two days after the UNAA convention ended, and little is known about her plans to return following the refusal by her employer to include her on the official NTV list of those who travelled.