The Parliament of Uganda in session.

By Simon  Nabende Wamoto

There are complaints that I was too harsh in my Voice Of America (VOA) Swahili programme a few days ago regarding the success our national team, the Cranes to AFCON-Gabon and 10th Parliament MPs’ demand for disbandment of Resident District Commissioners and Presidential Advisors with the reason that a lot of money is spent on the latter and that their (RDCs + Advisors) roles to Ugandan society are marginalized.

Laughingly, the MPs’ former colleagues in the 9th Parliament who failed to make it back (lost elections) are the ones hopelessly and desperately lobbying left, right and centre to be appointed in the same positions.

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I commented thus “MPs’ who are fighting for a 50kgs sack of sugar and a 1 million shillings bribe are surely more important to the population!!!.

If the President made a mistake and removed District Security chairpersons even for just six hours the country would collapse together with our so-called Honorable Members of Parliament.

I speak from an experienced front because I was there and what I saw is that all leaders in elective positions are baby sitters of voters and so any serious matter of conflict within communities cannot be solved by elected leaders for fear of stepping on their voter’s toes.

My interview, therefore, was a candid opinion regarding leaders who lack mission, vision, focus and who talk without thinking.

I went to Bulambuli district where people had been displaced by both land grabbers and Karamojong raiders but there were politicians all along but who would not recommend the army’s intervention because they didn’t want to annoy any of their voters.

I directly engaged the Commander in Chief who deployed a battalion (Btn 33) and up to now land which was at zero value in the year 2010 is now almost 4 million shillings per acre.

Can’t anyone see that as a major contribution to the community economically, socially, politically and stability wise?


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