FRUSTRATED? Cranes Coach Milutin Micho Sredjovic (foreground) with members of the national team.

Following Sunday’s qualification of the National Football team, Uganda Cranes, for AFCON, the public has joined the national coach, Micho ‘Milutin’ Sredjovic in pressuring Fufa to pay all arrears owed him, estimated at over Shs230 million.

Dejected, Micho shared his frustrations with the public on social media shortly after the qualification.

“I know one country you steal trillions from peoples roads and you eat big enjoying life or u make millions happy and proud trough football and you eat nothing,” Micho tweeted Tuesday.

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This was to be followed with another tweet threatening to take legal action FUFA. Micho hasn’t received his salaries for the last five months and the money that FUFA owes him at the moment stands at Shs235 million.

'NOT IMPRESSED': Fufa boss Eng Moses Magogo
‘NOT IMPRESSED’: Fufa boss Eng Moses Magogo

But the Serbian tactician’s rants have rubbed the football governing body the wrong way, and speaking out on Micho’s frustrations, Fufa boss Moses Magogo had a stern warning. According to Magogo, Fufa is indeed indebted to Micho for some months but the top football administrator in the country has advised the coach to keep ‘mum’ as per the contract he (Micho) signed with the body.

‘Finally, details of the ongoing contract between Fufa and Cranes coach remain confidential, Magogo wrote in a letter that was ostensibly supposed to clarify on Micho’s arrears’ saga.

MAGOGO 'WARNING": The 'clarification' letter over coach Micho's arrears written by Fufa boss Moses Magogo.
MAGOGO ‘WARNING”: The ‘clarification’ letter over coach Micho’s arrears written by Fufa boss Moses Magogo.

However, despite the concealed threats, Magogo acknowledges that the coach has not been paid according to the terms of his contract.

‘Fufa indeed owes Milutin Sredojevic unpaid salaries and shares his frustrations over the delay. During the costly AFCON 2017 qualification campaign, Fufa prioritised all the meagre resources at its disposal to facilitate requirements for the success of the team and campaign’ Magogo wrote.

He added: ‘Fufa is committed to ensuring all his salary arrears are cleared and we are confident this will be handled. Coach Micho’s unpaid dues are currently Fufa’s number one priority and the federation is doing everything in its means to raise the funds needed to clear the outstanding amount. Fufa and Micho have held meetings in regard to this matter’.