NTV’s Douglas Lwanga in June got a beating of his life when he turned up for his NTV Da Beat show in a jacket carrying the racist Confederate flag.

Three months later, local artiste, Rema would also wear the same. And similar to Douglas, she has been roughed up by fans and her case is even worse

Here are some of the reactions from her fans on her photographs.

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Hartley Naki She needs a new jacket

Karim K Young Rema is Beautiful But she must know that is a Racist Confederate Flag Patch on the left sleeve of her Coat!

Nick Kasirye Rema, the flag on your left sleeve is a white supremacy flag. The guys who practiced slavery and fought against its end; that’s their flag. Beautiful picture…wrong flag.  #knowyourhistory.

Levy Dreshak Nice one but that flag on your hand is for white supremacist that shows hatrade against black people & slavery.

Matameza Copine Afsa And am asking, whether the flag matches what her caption is saying. Don’t you see that you want to exaggerate things just!

Levy Dreshak Matameza Copine Afsa, am not exaggerating things but making her aware that she’s putting on a hate flag & she can happen to put it on while in America & it might not go well for her. The person that likes you tells you the truth instead of comforting you with lies.

Elizabeth MCcbeth Yeah, I can’t believe she is wearing that jacket with a confederate flag. Such a shame.

Kazimla Athenkosi Nyamana There’s no trying to out maneuver having an anti-black, slave promoting flag as a black person. We need to end miss education amongst ourselves. A major question that needs to be asked is why there’s a shop selling hate merchandise so openly TO BLACK PEOPLE.Others came to her defense, saying she was ignorant of what she was putting on and needed public forgiveness.

Nulu Cole She had no idea about what the flag is about so thanks for helping her out

Barbslule Maamawabaana May be she doesn’t know what she’s wearing, people buy cloths every day and don’t care to read what’s on them.

Ronnie Je Matemeza that means Rema can come out with Kenzo’s underwear on her head, you will still say it’s fashion! Hmmm Ugandans!

Namatovu Alice Stellah Hahaha, Ronnie stop that. Because no one can do that.

Hani Rahma Kenzo might have bought it unknowingly and the diva also not knowing thought blablabla eishhhhh.

The photos were initially shared on Facebook last week but even with all the bashing, she has defied the advice of her fans, calling her to pull down the offensive photos.

Jose Mumbejja Rema sometime listen to what your fans are saying. We have been complaining naye its just wasting (our time) go back to who you are. I love you my number one but people working on you are fake.


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