Keenly watching events, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has today directed rules, discipline and privileges committee of Parliament to investigate some of the stories that she deemed painted Parliament in a negative light.

Kadaga said that such negative stories published by media houses and Journalists accredited to cover Parliament are false and tainting the image of the August House.

“Media continues to paint a negative image of Parliament, this is intentional so the chairman of the rules committee needs to look at these publications and charge them on contempt of Parliament.If they are found guilty, the editors should appear before the committee and apologize” said Kadaga

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The debate arose from the Speakers’ communication after she called out media houses like Monitor Publications Limited, the publishers of Daily Monitor, The Observer and Red pepper accusing them of publishing false news about Parliament.

Aruu County South legislator, Samuel Odonga Otto informed Parliament of his experience while suing media on grounds of defamation

“When I went to Court to sue, some media houses ran to me saying they will finish me, I told them that I was already finished, The public relations should sue media houses that publish false stores, make them lose money” he said.

Supporting Otto, Kabula County MP, James Kakooza said any media house that publishes false news should go to hell.

One of the stories that had MPs are accusing the media of running is the Shs68 million set aside for their burials.

“The Shs68 Million is not eaten by the dead MP, it is the relatives, coffin makers, so what is wrong with that?” said MP Odonga Otto

Kadaga also cautioned MPs who are willing to speak to media on issues that they are not conversant about. “Some of you MPs talk a lot, commenting on things you don’t understand, you should stop it.”  Kadaga said

Jalia Bintu, the Masindi district woman MP called on her colleagues to demand that government gives them Shs500 Million for brand news rather than buy old cars.



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