Singer Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye with former lover Don Zella, when the latter was pregnant with their child.

Singer Ibrahim Mayanja, popularly known as Big Eye, began his career with close buddy Eddy Kenzo, featuring performances as the ‘Big Talent’ duo. However, the two bitterly fell out and to date don’t see eye-to-eye.

It has since emerged that the person who was behind their bitter split is Don Zella, who later went on to become Big Eye’s wife. According to Zella, she got to know her husband through Eddy Kenzo.

She says Big Eye tried to snatch her from Kenzo for two months but all his efforts were fruitless.

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However, Zella says she later fell for Big Eye’s sweet words and when Kenzo got to know about it, the two Big Talent members fell out.


The Birth of Big Music

On falling out with Kenzo, Zella, then based in Dubai literally took on the ‘motherly’ role paying all Big Eye’s bills; from paying for his studio bills to rent.

“By the time I met Big Eye, he was renting a sixty thousand shilling room behind the Makindye Court. We had been dating for over two months and I often used to visit him but we weren’t intimate at all,” Zella says in a video statement on Facebook.

With time, she says, she moved the ‘physically fit’ artiste from a rented room and took him to her home. As though this wasn’t enough, she says, she even bought him his first car. Later, she would organise him his first concert using the money that she had saved to buy a Hummer, so the story goes.

“The concert didn’t go well but at least the Big Eye name had got enough publicity and I was hopeful that it would pay off in future….”

The couple was later blessed with a baby.

Big Eye ‘takes family to Zella’s home’

Life was indeed good at Zella’s home and like any relative living a good life, Big Eye, too, tried to elevate the lives of his brothers by getting them from the life of hustle to the good life. He brought them to Zella’s home.

In addition, Big Eye brought two more of his hangers-on home, something that Zella says she later protested because the family had expanded to almost 20 people.

“It was too much for me to take in anymore. I requested him to get somewhere to put the people who were not his relatives because I had two young daughters, who I couldn’t just leave to grow up while watching people doing bad things at home,” Zella says.

Apparently his hangers-on would smoke ‘weed’, booze and usually return home late, actions she couldn’t bear anymore.

“Big Eye became incensed, accusing me of not being social and against his friends. He left home, telling me he was going to look for a house for his hangers-on. A few days back he returned and wanted to take away one of the beds but I advised him to go buy a new one for his boys. He left and spent a couple of days without returning back on. When I inquired why he wasn’t returning, he told me that, ‘since you don’t want my friends to stay home, I am also not returning,’” Zella wrote.

Big Eye, Don Zella and the kids
Big Eye with former close buddy Eddy Kenzo and the kids

Zella loses her twins

At the time she was carrying Big Eye’s pregnancy when he left, leaving behind his three brothers.

Zella took care of them for nine months before requesting Big Eye to come for his brothers. Unfortunately, Zella got a miscarriage and lost her twins. However, Big Eye never bothered to attend the burial and this greatly left her down hearted.

“He wasn’t there for me at the time that I badly needed him yet I had always been there for him in time of need. I have never forgiven him from that time,” she says.

She says she wouldn’t be talking all this had it not been for Big Eye, who she says often talks ill about her in the media. “I moved on a while back and I am not interested in Big Eye in anyway but all I want is some respect on my name. He should stop badmouthing after all that I have than for him. He can’t be the only righteous one since to him, we are all bad. He talks bad about Kenzo, his once close friend, Peter Ayo and now even me.”

At the moment, Big Eye, who is currently dating a one Sasha Brighton has reacted to Zella by saying, “I will stay focused, silent and strong no matter what is done & forged to spoil, to weaken and to tarnish my name. In the name of God.”

BACK TO MY MAN: Don Zella's Mzungu lover with who they have reportedly reunited.
BACK TO MY MAN: Don Zella’s Mzungu lover with who they have reportedly reunited.

Zella says she is also back to her American man, the father of her first two children, who she dumped to date Big Eye.