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Five Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) members who were allegedly behind the recent protest that involved dropping pigs at Parliament are expected in court today for their bail hearing.

But as they return to court, Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko has waged up a protracted war against the five and former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate, Dr Kiiza Besigye, whom he accuses of being behind the protests.

Speaking to media on Monday, Nsereko said that the protests were part of the FDC’s campaigns in its fight against the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) government. And being that he didn’t support the opposition in the past, he became one of their main targets, he said.

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“You’ve tried all avenues…now you are inciting people to turn against Parliament….If defiance meant there is no swearing in, people were sworn in including himself,” Nsereko said.

VOWED TO TAKE ON NSEREKO: Kiira Municipality MP Ibrahim Semujju Nganda
VOWED TO TAKE ON NSEREKO: Kiira Municipality MP Ibrahim Semujju Nganda

In response to Nsereko, FDC Spokesperson and Kira Municipality MP, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, while appearing Monday on NTV advised him: “If what you are doing is not pleasing the public, the people have every right to show their dissatisfaction. Even Nsereko is not above criticism. By him demonizing and insulting Dr Besigye, we shall mobilise ourselves and he will pay the price.”

Nsereko welcomed Ssemujju’s statement, threatening to mobilse against him.

“I’m happy let them shift the battle to me. I am ready to take them on. Let’s shift the battle away from Parliament….because mine are facts.”

Meanwhile, social critic Frank Gashumba has also joined the verbal war. “I am fed up of this war of words. Kayihura should give us the Constitutional Square for we can go bare knuckles. How can you plan for the dead when the living are still living under deplorable conditions?” he said in a live video on Facebook.

“At first I thought we were in a struggle to liberate our people but I have come to realize that majority of these (MPs) were after liberating themselves. Though, the problem isn’t with the MPs, it’s with the public. Who votes for these people? This will go on until the day you learn to vote for people who represent you (and not their interests).

“When pigs painted in only yellow, we never saw opposition MPs coming out to condemn the act. However, because the recent pigs thrown at Parliament were painted in different colours, they have all come out. But as long as we pay you, we won’t remain silent. And you shouldn’t hide behind religion…this is not a religious war. If we can criticize the President, who is you?” Gashumba asks, apparently directing his question to MPs who are busy finalizing a deal that will see them get Shs200 million, ostensibly to purchase vehicles to ease their transport woes.



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