You aren't welcome to Uganda, Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo tells gays.

State Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Fr. Simon Lokodo has warned people intending to participate in gay festivities.
According to a statement that he has issued on Wednesday, Lokodo says that government has learnt of the planned festivities/activities that are being organized to take place in different locations of Kampala and Wakiso district by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) movement.

“The promotion of these festivities, which would purportedly culminate in a “Gay Pride match” on Saturday September 24, 2016, is criminal and illegal as they have not been cleared by the Uganda Police Force, and are against the laws of the Republic of Uganda; specifically the Penal Code, which is built on precedents, set in many other countries.”

Adding “We wish to emphasize that whereas the promotion of homosexuality is criminalized under the Penal Code, there is no violence against the LGBT community in Uganda – contrary to some claims made loosely by proponents of this movement.”

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The Penal Code Act of 1950 (Chapter 120) (as amended). Section 145. Unnatural offences. States that; “Any person who” – (a) has carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature; (b) has carnal knowledge of an animal; or (c) permits a male person to have carnal knowledge of him or her against the order of nature, commits an offence and is liable to imprisonment for life.”

Section 146. Attempt to commit unnatural offences states that; “Any person who attempts to commit any of the offences specified in Section 145 commits a felony and is liable to imprisonment for seven years.”

Section 148 – on indecent practices states that- “Any person who, whether in public or in private, commits any act of gross indecency with another person who procures another person to commit any act of gross indecency with him or her or attempts to procure the commission of any such act by any person with himself or herself or with another person, whether in public or in private, commits an offence and is liable to imprisonment for seven years.”

Lokodo further states that in Uganda, our African values and cultures consider sexual activity to be private and personal, and it is not conducted in public. Certainly, neither is homosexuality. It is for this reason that the promotion of ‘gay’ activities is unwelcome. In addition, we have noted that these planned festivities are aimed at, promotion, exhibition and recruiting people to join this LGBT movement, which interestingly goes against the argument that gays are “born” that way. We are aware that there are inducements, including money, being offered to young people to promote the practice.

The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda (as amended) under Article 31(2a), reads: On Rights of the family. “Provides that “Marriage between persons of the same sex is prohibited.”

“Government will not condone the promotion of the illegal activities of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) movement and through the Uganda police will work to ensure that the criminal and illegal activities of the gay community are halted. I therefore, call upon all stakeholders, ministries, departments, local governments and other agencies of government, faith based organizations, civil society organizations and the media fraternity to join government to curb the escalating levels of immorality by upholding and integrating the National Ethical values of Uganda into their daily life and work.“

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