Kenzo and Gashumba.

If you follow Eddy Kenzo on social media, you must have noticed a big change in his posts.
There has been a drastic change in his English, his command for the queen’s language has greatly improved, though, it hasn’t come by chance.  It has been through hard work as revealed by his ‘tutor’.

NTV presenter, Sheila Gashumba has claimed to be the person behind Kenzo’s English proficiency at the moment. She says she has been tutoring him in addition to giving him what to write for his songs.

“We first met at my Sweet 16 Birthday Party, he used to tell me to always speak to him in English not Luganda so that he would learn the language. I remember one day he called me while he was in the studio to help him tell him words in English that he can use in ‘JAMBOLE’ at 1am!! Its four years now and he is a superstar too many and he speaks good English too!! Eddy Kenzo shine on always. No one is born a star, you work hard to be a star,” Gashumba said.

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Despite having attended school up to a level of senior three, Kenzo had real issues with the queen’s language that he would hardly construct a complete sentence in English.

However, his fluency in the language at the moment close to that of NTV’s Joel Ssenyonyi.


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