EC Village Verification

Forum for Democratic Change strongman, Kizza Besigye has cancelled his scheduled Thursday return and instead opted for Monday, October 3.
According to the FDC, Besigye was slated to return home from a one month long diaspora engagement with several groups whom he addressed in North America and United Kingdom, including an address at Chatham House.
The FDC had arranged for his return and had reportedly written to police notifying the force about the impending homecoming of the strongest opposition leader.
However, the latest information from party headquarters at Najjanankumbi indicate that Besigye will return on Monday.
“The people’s president Dr.Wrn Kizza Besigye will not be coming back on Thursday September 29. He will however be coming back on Monday October 3, at 8.15 am” Harold Kaija, FDC Deputy Secretary General, announced.
However, reacting to the announcements that Besigye was to return on Thursday September 29, police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi said the force will not allow anyone to act contrary to the law.
“We can’t allow anybody assemble along Entebbe highway to disrupt peace. Whoever continues with the alleged procession will not be allowed to see the light of the day,” Kaweesi warned early Monday.