Singer Bigeye’s neglected kid, Diamond Britton is having breathing problems and spent most of Tuesday in a US hospital.

“Attacks are worse now and doctors want a surgery to enlarge his throat and that his congestion in his respiratory system will become better. I don’t sleep, have to watch him when sleeping so that he doesn’t stop breathing while he is in sleep. I am terrified, is there any treatment I can use without surgery we need your prayers Aboluganda hate seeing these helpless in pain,” Bigeye’s ex, Sheila, who now doubles as the kid’s mother and father cried out to her fans.

Together with all her kids, he is back to her ex-husband, the father of her first children and it’s him who is taking care of all of the family.

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It’s against that background that Zella went back at the ‘self-contained’ singer.
“When you are a true parent it doesn’t matter what colour you are, what nationality and what age you are? What matters is being responsible for the family and real men exits. Daddy is smiling after seeing his son doing better after 24hours being in hospital,” she added.

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