DRESS UP! Desire Luzinda shows off her 'faded' self

In 2014 Desire Luzinda spent over a month hiding away from law enforcers; she was wanted for indecent behaviour after her nude photos ended up in public, a violation of the anti-pornography law. She got away by laying the blame on her ex, Nigerian Franklin Emoubor. She told police that Emoubor was the person ‘leaking’ the photos.

But since then, it seems she has learnt nothing and forgotten everything; she dresses indecently and the public feels it has had enough. As a result, they have taken the matter into their hands as they try to place the 35-year old mother of one where she belongs.

MORE BODY: desire in her bikin-like dress
MORE BODY: desire in her bikini-like dress

This follows her recent photos on social media, where she is seen dressed in a piece of drapery that could easily pass for a swimming costume.

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And many people, taking to different social media platforms, have advised the struggling musician to cover herself for she has no more to show since Emoubor showed them all of her body.

Seguya Jonathansenior Nufc: Better cover yourself tokyalina kapya, omunigeria yabitulaga DDA tuyambe (You got nothing new to show. The Nigerian showed us all…)
George Wadada: My sister Jesus is calling you ..the holy spirit led me tell you that God loves so much and he wants your beauty to serve him …..my sister these worldly things are so sweet but thy can’t save your soul.

Bandeko Keshokuta: She is on her way to make another phonographic movie yet again.
Suzan Nanyonjo: Disire tusasire (please) you are making yourself ugly infact your not hot as pipo say you are. if u cant respect your body pleeeeeeez balabalaba daaaa bobilaga.
Akram Ssali Ssalito: Ur too immoral. Respect your age and motherhood coz you are really becoming a disgrace.

Hadija Shiba: And no longer a teen why she have to do like these cheap prostitutes.
Waimaga Polycarp Isaac:  You look more good and adorably beautiful when you are decently dressed.

And her response? “Oh I hope you are all ok, even those that are not…”

However, some showbiz critics see Desire’s appalling dress-code as a way of trying to revive her waned brand that has been taken over by the ‘bootylicious’ Winnie Nwagi.

In fact, unlike before, Nwagi has won majority of the deals that were initially won by Desire. Among these include her deal with the recently concluded Uganda North America Association (UNAA) convention.

And many are saying that for fear of being swallowed up, Desire Luzinda has resorted to ‘nudity’ to keep her faded career afloat.


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