Gen. Mugisha Muntu

Forum for Democratic Change party President, Maj .Gen. Mugisha Muntu has said whatever suffering the Kizza Besigye and other party leaders are going through is meant to silence them since it was predetermine their victory as the winners of the 2016 elections.

Speaking to NTV today, Muntu said things like Besigye’s kidnap, arrests of party faithful are evident enough that the regime is losing support and using underhand methods to retain power.

“It is not easy to remain calm and systematic despite going through an election that was stolen. But we are doing it. Some people think our main objective as FDC is to take power. No. Power is not an end” Gen.Muntu said

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Adding “It is a means, it will be disastrous if we take power and fail to change Uganda. Our long term objective is to transform the country and in order to transform Uganda, we need to prepare. That is why we’re focusing on ensuring stability in FDC and its growth.”

Appearing on NBS Tv this morning, Muntu condemned the action though, he said that he wasn’t surprised.

“What happened at Entebbe is not surprising. It’s a trend. The more the regime loses support, the more it fears crowds.”

Similar to Besigye, Muntu believes the former, who was FDC’s presidential flag bearer won the election.
“We [FDC] won but we didn’t take power. We were well prepared but it’s time for us to return to the drawing board.”

On whether there is bad blood between the two since he was not among those who travelled to Entebbe airport to receive Besigye, he denies such allegations.

In fact, he revealed that it was FDC’s NEC, on which he is a member that set up the committee that organised Besigye’s homecoming. “However, we all can’t be at the same place always. Activism, like many other activities, will continue until this regime expires.”  He adds that FDC’s objective can’t be achieved by just one front.

“We are using civic action, the diplomatic front and the parliamentary front. The only front we don’t have and have no intention of having is the military front.”

On Besigye ‘stealing his shine’, he says the two are not fighting for the limelight otherwise if that was the case, “we would be all over the place. We’re all involved in different activities that complement each other. Hopefully more people will understand this. He (Besigye) is a senior member of FDC who is consulted every now and then. The stability of the FDC amid the hostility of the political environment shows how strong the party is.


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