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Desire ‘donates’ Shs1m to ailing student, gets ‘Facebook lashing’

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Singer Desire Luzinda has come to the rescue of a one Raymond Bamwesigye, a 2nd year DBA Student at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) who needs treatment for his spine.

Bamwesigye, a son to a UPDF veteran, was attacked by unknown people, who hit and robbed him on June 12, 2015 while he was returning from an internship programme.

He was rescued by good Samaritans and rushed to the Spine Unit at Mulago Hospital where doctors found that the attack had damaged his spine, leading to paralysis of the lower body.

Despite undergoing a major surgery, he has only been able to regain use of his upper body. He is currently unable to write, feed, and ease himself. He urinates using a catheter. He has as a result been out of school for over a year and stays with his family in Kasokoso, Wakiso District.

Bamwesigye now needs a second major Surgery at Apollo Hospital in India that is projected to cost Shs46 million and of this, the controversial female musician Desire Luzinda has pledged a contribution of Shs1million ahead of a car washing drive on October 8 to raise the funds.

“I will not be in the country but please contact Mr. Lwasa of Lwasa Events to give you 1m as my contribution. We play our part and leave the rest to God,” she posted on Facebook on Thursday.
However, the post wasn’t received positively by her fans.

Rukia Riad: Haha naye botilicious Desire! Saving The Late Rosemary Nankabirwa you got out your shoes for sell and now you are telling the public to go to Lwasa get money thea. ..couldn’t u tell him urself or even put his digits on the post! !…Tubalemu nawe it’s someone’s lyf hea……nkwagala nnyoooo Desire but i hv a problem ov always saying the ugly truth.
Konde Kizza Lubanja: you contact your ‘mr Lwasa’ to bring money .we dont have his contacts.
Antonio Alex: Its always in good heart to give silently, the lord doesn’t welcome this. Let the pipo u have helped raise your name, just saying.

Some like a one Kaija Akiiki decided to make fun out of the post.

Kaija Akiiki: Please guys make sure on that day contact Mr Kirumira to give you one hundred thousand shs on ma behalf coz I won’t be available others u live to God.

In defence of her post, Desire wrote, “Anti the problem with Uganda is they always think negative of every situation. How many people have shared that post to create awareness? Even sharing it is an amazing gesture and as good as contributing besides, why would I use someone’s life for publicity like I ain’t gat no publicity at all? Rosemary (RIP) died just hours after my post and people were flooding my inbox making inquiries while over 5 pairs had been bought kati wali oyagala neyongeleyo nzitunde then what??!”


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