Mr Lwasa at Case clinic.

Businessman Emmanuel Lwasa popularly known as Lwasa Events is being hospitalized for what is believed to be poison.

Apparently Lwasa, who is the proprietor of Lwasa gardens, Tervern kicks club and Lwasa Events was poisoned last evening in his home town, Masaka.


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It is said Lwasa had a meal in Masaka before driving to Kampala. However, he developed stomach complications along the way and was rushed to Case Clinic.

He is still undergoing treatment at the same clinic. Lwasa is among the men who have been recently been linked to musician Desire Luzinda.



The singer is currently out of the country but when it came to fundraising for a student who needs to undergo treatment on his spine, Desire referred the organizers to Lwasa.



“I will not be in the country but please contact Mr. Lwasa of Lwasa Events to give you Shs1m as my contribution. We play our part and leave the rest to God,” he wrote on social media last week.


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