Uwami Ndahindurwa V Kigeli, will be buried Sunday.

The last king of Rwanda, Uwami Jean Baptiste Ndahindurwa Kigeli is dead.

Uwami Kigeli as he is popularly known among his subject has been leaving the US state of Virginia ever since left his throne.

Described as a king without a throne, Umami Kigeli only ruled his kingdom (Rwanda) for just nine months before fleeing a revolt and has spent the last half century in exile, powerless to stop the violence that ripped through his country.

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He died aged 79 and living on public assistance in Virginia, Uwami Kigeli has been yearning to return to the throne but had no support of his subjects. He was dethroned in 1961.

In 1996, two year after genocide. Paul Kagame, then Vice President welcomed Uwami Kigeli back home but not as king. Kigeli said that was for the people to decide. He was a popular figure among his subjects and hence posed a threat to the ruling political class back in Kigali.