Sanjay Tanna enjoying his moment with President Museveni after he was award with a medal.

Former Tororo Municipality legislator Sanjay Tanna has been elected as the interim chairman of former MPs who served in the 9th Parliament.

The Members of Parliament who lost in their party primaries and those who lost in the general elections have come together to form an association that will be used as a platform to advocate for national issues.

One of the objectives of the association, Tanna said, is to act as a platform for MPs to continue sharing views and providing guidance on issues of national importance such as legislative and national policy issues.

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“Ours is to be a special purpose vehicle for members to leverage on the various capabilities and expertise that is in the group to enhance both social and economic being of members,” Tanna said.

He added that the platform will help members continue with comradeship and supportive roles for one another including pooling resources and operating businesses owned by former/ associating parliamentarians including but not limited to forming a Sacco.

“We also intend to engage with the state and non-state actors on such matters that affect the country (Lobby group),” he added.

Below is the interim committee

Chairman; Sanjay Tanna

Vice; Simon Mulongo

Treasurer; Tim Lwanga

Secretary; Edward Balidawa

Publicity; Harriet Ntabazi

Member; Lulume Bayiga Member; Kafuda Boaz


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