MC Kats and his latest hook.

Musician Fille and her fiancé, MC Kats had a misunderstanding at the weekend that left the latter with black eyes and swollen lips.

Fille apologized days later after the incident through Facebook but it appears Kats is not ready to forgive her. At least for now.

Apart from blocking her from accessing her social media accounts, the NBS presenter appears to have even found a replacement for her.

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On Thursday he shared a photograph of him and a mysterious lady having fun.

He refused to divulge into any details about the photo despite our
persistence that he gives us a background of the photo.

In the photo, a seemingly drunk Kats is seen cozy with a lady,
believed to be singer Pretty Glo.

Pretty Glo and Fille are close friends having worked together for
quite some time. At one time the duo was managed by Kats and it is believed he used this opportunity to put his talent to use.

He had perhaps kept the relationship a secret until when he fell out with Fille.

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