ESTRANGED: MC Kats after he was beaten by 'former wife' Fille Mutoni, who is now reportedly hanging out with singer Nutty Neithan.

MC Kats proposed to musician Fille live on TV last year at the Buzz Teeniez Awards and you guesed right! Fille’s response was “Yes”. However, the couple is no more at the moment following their fight last week.

Though we all know more about the couple’s fight, little has come out as to why the two fought. But according to a close friend to Kats, who preffered his identity concealed, the fight followed a misunderstanding between the two.

It’s said Fille left their home in Kiwatule and took refuge at her family’s home in Busega something that didn’t go down well with the NBS Tv presenter.

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With much anger, the teen-looking 31 year old father of seven stormed Fille’s family home. All he wanted was his car that he bought the musician when love was still in the air.

He is said to have asked for the keys to Fille’s car, a request that the “It’s Not About Money” singer rejected.

A quarrel ensued and Kats lost his cool insulting Fille’s family members. These couldn’t stand it anymore and apparently her cousins descended on Kats thumping him until when his face took the shape of Ninja Turtles.
“I am like this because of Fille,” he updated on Facebook shortly after the fight. That was a caption to a photograph where he is seen bleeding from the nose, swollen cheeks and lips.

Both Kats and Fille have called it quits to their relationship that had so far yielded a child. In fact, Fille’s first concert, which was scheduled for next month has been cancelled.

“Hullo lovely people, you have probably seen what has been running on social media, print,radio and television about the fille brand. I regret everything that has happened in the name of fille as a brand. Its very unfortunate cause it truly doesn’t represent who i truly am. I am here to inform you about the cancelling of my concert that was to take place on 25th November 2016 at garden city. I was so excited about this cause it was a huge step on my career. i know my fans have been anxious for this day as i have been too.”

She says the decision was taken after firing her management (MC Kats).

“However, i decided to halt the concert so that I can restructure my management ahead of 2017. I would also like to let you know that I cant access my social media accounts (facebook,twitter and instagram) because someone else (former management) is running them. I am not responsible for anything that is being uploaded on my pages in names but am working around the clock to repossess my accounts apologies for all the chaos and uncertainties. On behalf of fillemusic, I want to apologize to the brands that had tagged as sponsors, media people who had offered their support plus you the fans that were disturbed by this chaos. The fille brand is here to stay. Aluta continua.”

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