MAKING FUN OF HONOURABLE: A graphic illustration by a cartoonist depicting MP Kato Lubwama, speaking incorrect English.

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has denied issuing an Ordinary Level (O Level) certificate to Lubaga South Member of Parliament, Kato Lubwama.

However, in his reaction to the revelation, Lubwama, speaking to NBS TV, said he has no time for all those challenging his education.

“Me I am enjoying my life…it is very interesting that it has taken them six months to find out that I didn’t go to school,” he says.

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However, he admits he would appear before court once summoned.

“I am still waiting for the court summons(es); I have not yet got them. This is a free world – court will sort out if Kato Lubwama went to school. However, can someone who didn’t go to school speak this kind of English?”

Kato Lubwama is living a good life like he says, though, his woes began with recent statements which many find inconsiderate, in relation to the people that voted him into Parliament.

Among some of the controversial statements was his reaction to the demand for Shs200 million by each MP to buy cars.

Reacting to the demands Lubwama supported the demands saying, MPs are meant to travel in such luxurious SUVs.

“I did not come to Parliament to suffer but to be better and live better,” the MP, a former comedian said, adding that citizens are paupers who do not understand that MPs are supposed to be accorded the highest esteem.

“This means we have to travel in vehicles befitting that status,” he was quoted as saying.


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