RECALCITRANT: MP Michael Kabaziguruka says the NRM government should be removed from power.

The High court last week released Nakawa Division Member of Parliament Michael Kabaziguruka on bail after the legislator spending over four months in Kigo prison, on treason charges.

However, despite all the challenges he faced while in jail, Kabaziguruka is recalcitrant and wants the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) government out of power.

“We need to remove this regime as a matter of urgency through peaceful means. We are sitting on a time bomb. Civilians being tried in the court martial is gross abuse of the law. We must work harder so that what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else. We need to cause peaceful change. This government keeps saying we [FDC] want an armed struggle. No. We’ll ask the people to make the choice,” Kabaziguruka said while appearing on NBS TV this morning.

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Kabaziguruka was arrested in June this year, and is jointly charged with 20 UPDF officers before the General Court Martial for allegedly plotting to infiltrate the defense forces and prejudice its security to overthrow the government of Uganda by use of firearms.

The treachery offenses that he faces were allegedly committed between February and June this year in districts of Kampala, Wakiso and Luweero.

Meanwhile, speaking about his time in jail, Kabaziguruka said he was prepared for it but hastened to add that the conditions there are not fit for humans.

“Everyone deserves to be free. Prisoners are not treated as human beings. The food is terrible and treatment is inconsistent with laws. Like Nelson Mandela said, you can never judge how bad a country is until you visit its prisons. In prison, I met people who have gone over eight years without getting justice,” he said.

As an MP, he said, he plans to talk about his experience in prison before Parliament “because the situation in our prisons is bad.”




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