Frank Gashumba

“I am not a factory, I do not sugarcoat anything; if you ask for my opinion, that is what you get…my head is not powered by anyone. If I was meant to be controlled, I would have been created with a remote control,” social critic Frank Gashumba fumed upon learning of a directive from Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) stopping Nation Television (NTV) from hosting him.

According to the directive, Gashumba is accused of using a language that UCC finds profane and abusive on radio and TV programmes where he appears as a guest.

“When did UCC become a complainant? When did UCC become an investigator, court and a judge? In any case if I had committed any crime in any of my submissions, I would have expected the Police to summon me! Who conducted the investigations that found that I was using an abusive language? And how come NTV that hosted me is cautioned and I the purported offender have not been cautioned!” he wondered.

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Well, he has been arrested this morning and is currently being held at CID headquarters in Kibuli.

Apparently, the complaint in this case is Godfrey Mutabaazi, the Executive Director of UCC.

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