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Jose Chameleone breaks silence on Guvnor ban

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Veteran musician Jose Chameleone has finally broken silence on his ban from Club Guvnor and his alleged fight with the club’s resiednt DJ, Baby Love.
According to Chameleone, the management of Guvnor banned him out of jealous and not because he fought with their DJ as reported by most media.

Whereas he admits having had a quarrel with the DJ, he says Guvnor banned him because he was found having fun in a rival club.

“At the end of August 2016, I was requested by Mr. Charlie Lubega, a Friend, Inspirational Big brother and Owner of Club Guvnor to grace the Legends Night of September 2016. We both agreed on the date 27th September 2016. I then asked him to ask his Club Dj’s to keep my music on rotation to activate the anticipated night,” he says.

However, this wasn’t the case when he got to the club on one of the weekends, he says.

“I passed the club to see how it was going and I realized we had different interests – Me, The club owner and the Djays who notoriously didn’t play not even a second of my music. That’s when I sighted failure of coordination hence I pulled out.”

This marked the beginning of the cracking of their relationship.

“Another Club owner of the new ‘Establishment Club’ came to me asking me to be the star to open and launch his Club same month. As a businessman I took his offer and did a great job which hasn’t gone down well with the neighbouring Club Guvnor!!

He adds: “this sent them into panic and eventually one of its DJs found me and my friends in Club Play as I took a few friends out. He came and tried to reason with me telling me how Guvnor will start a war with me since I worked with its neighbouring Establishment.

“The argument heated and I asked him why they have the right to work with Different other artistes and I can’t work with other clubs as if I am married to them!!!!! We argued a lot but none of us was physical. Their DJ went back to Guvnor, Made a false report and after it didn’t pay, he has steered his selfish interest and shared it with more Dj’s around to validate his ego.”
“We are all business men in a similar trade where if you don’t give respect to one you will never take none. You have played and depended on artistes music free of charge for so many years and internally failed copyright.”

However, the management of Guvnor did not respond to Chameleone’s claims.

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