Desh Kananura in the dock.

The trial of city motor rally driver, Andrew Desh Kananura has finally kicked off. The case commenced today morning with the suspects being charged with murder.

This is the second time that Desh, his brother Raymond Kananura and three others have been charged with Murder before the Kampala High court.

Appearing before Justice Joseph Murangira, the group denied beating Badru Kateregga to death. Kateregga was Desh’s employee at Panamera bar and restaurant in Naguru and according to prosecution, the accused on September 30, 2012 tortured him to death after they found him with Shs30,000 that exceeded the allowed amount to be held by any worker at the bar.

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Initially it had been Justice Masalu Musene who was in charge of the case but quit the case in February this year citing bias accusations from the public. This was after the hearing of the case failed to kick off for over three years, that even Kateregga’s father, who had been following up on the case passed on. This left little hope for Kateregga’s children to get justice for their murdered dad.

The hearing of the case is set for November 26, 2016, and the State Attorney has informed court they will adduce evidence pinning the accused beating Kateregga to death while accusing him of stealing Shs30000 from the bar.