POSH: The Victoria Cafe at the main campus

To some people, food is everything. It fuels their thinking, ignites their abilities and makes them happy. Indeed, to all people including young and developing adults food should be readily available.
So, when Victoria University moved to furnish a restaurant at the varsity premises it made total sense because thay said they have been accessing food at the nearby restaurants on Dewinton Road and wherever they could find affordable food.

HERE WE ARE; Students celebrate the opening of Victoria Cafe
HERE WE ARE; Students celebrate the opening of Victoria Cafe

However, this is now history as the university last week on Thursday launched the magnificent Victoria Café to the pleasure and delight of everybody on campus.

The Café that boasts of various entertainment amenities will serve local and international food, the Foods and Beverages manager, Gururaja Acharya, said.

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“We also welcome your suggestions to improve on the food. All dishes will be served. Local food will be provided. We will be improving our menu and providing what is needed and requested by our customers,” he said in an interview.
Patricia Nassozi and Diana Nakimuli, all Human Resource Management students welcomed Victoria Café saying ‘it helps us to keep time.’ Nassozi said “Instead of going to different cafeterias around town, we will come here and get something to eat and go back to class.”

On her part Nakimuli described ambiance at the café as ‘cool’ and explained that students no longer have to move distances in search for food.

“We are able to come here and get food,” she said.
Laban Wandera, the vice guild president in charge of social affairs said the café was ‘demand-driven’ and part of the guild president campaign pledges. He said more good things are coming from the guild cabinet to support student’s social wellbeing at the university.
Joseph Nyakaana, who officially launched Victoria Café, promised to further facilitate more social events to make student’s stay at the university a worthwhile experience.
“I take this opportunity to inform and assure you that effective next month, even as you plan to start your exams, there must be a social evening every month. Please organize this, the resources are there,” he said.