EXPERT OPINION: Private Investigator Fred Egesa says finding Mr Akena's killer is the 'simplest'.

Following his shooting on Saturday, the public has persistently demanded that justice for the late social worker Kenneth Akena Watmon, be accorded.
And weighing in on the matter today, investigations expert Fred Egesa, said if the situation is not compromised, finding Akena’s killer is apparently the simplest task for any investigator worth his salt.
“If the situation is not compromised, this matter is the simplest to deal with…,” Mr Egesa, a private investigator said today, while appearing on NBS TV talk show, Morning Breeze.

The prime suspect in the case is Mathew Kanyamunyu, who the deceased claimed had shot him moments before he passed on. Kanyamunyu denies the claim and up to date the gun used in the shooting hasn’t been found.

However, Egesa says this doesn’t matter a lot because ‘many people don’t own guns but they have them’.
“It doesn’t matter whether Kanyamunyu owns one or not. What is crucial here is, when you are found with a person with crucial injuries, you account for it. If Kanyamunyu was very genuine, he would have alerted people around him that someone has been shot,” Egesa said.

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“Kanyamunyu should have run to the nearest police post. His behaviour and actions make him a key suspect. In my opinion, Kanyamumyu should be charged with murder as investigations continue,” he added.

According to Mr Egesa, despite Kanyamunyu having taken Akena to hospital, there is a ‘missing link’ between the shooting and when the deceased was taken to hospital.
“Kanyamunyu is a very smart person; interrogations should be done by a very intelligent person. If you say a woman was a target, then Kanyamunyu would’ve naturally drove off. His confidence spells a different direction,” Mr Egesa said, adding that whereas he has seen Kanyamunyu’s car, he hasn’t seen Akena’s.

“Where is it? Who drove it from the scene?” he asks.
Meanwhile, the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) has also joined in investigations regarding the incident.



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