TIGHTEN GUN LAWS: Jimmy Akena, one of the faction leaders of the UPC.

Despite court offering direction on matters to do with the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC), a senior adherent has blasted the media of ‘bias’ while reporting about the party.

Lawrence Engirot Okae, the UPC National Chairman of the Jimmy Akena faction said that his boss Mr Akena, the Lira Municipality MP, was duly elected UPC president on May 30, 2015, a development he accused the media of ignoring while reporting about the activities of the party.

According to Mr Okae, the other presumptive UPC leader Mr Olara Otunnu was holding out as party president, contrary the party members’ position on their leader arrived at in 2015.

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He further castigated the Ugandan media, saying it was complicit in distorting facts in respect to the UPC.

“The May 30, 2015 elections were unanimously won by Jimmy Akena yet the media still publishes articles about factions in the party led by Olara Otunnu,” Mr Okae said at the UPC weekly press briefing held at Uganda House.

According to Mr Okae, a huge portion of UPC members is united under the leadership of Akena.

For about four years now the UPC has been embroiled in leadership wrangles involving Jimmy Akena and Olara Otunnu, leading to factionalism within the party that was founded by Apollo Milton Obote (RIP), Mr Akena’s father.