IN BITTER SEPARATION: Kadongokamu singer Haruna Mubiru

Kadongokamu singer Haruna Mubiru is one of the richest musicians in Uganda at the moment. This is a status many believe he attained in 2009 when he got married to the niece of renowned city businessman, Guster Lule, popularly known as Ntake.

In fact, following his marriage to Raudha Ssonko, he quit Eagles Production, a band that had ‘introduced him to the world’, and formed his own ensemble – Kream Production.

However, this status could be lost following the separation of the two; Raudha has parted ways with the husband of four women following a disagreement and left for ‘kyeyo’ in the USA, vowing not return.

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Perhaps only Trump will be the sole reason for her return that is if he carries out his threat of throwing all illegal immigrants out of the USA.

Raudha, who has been married to Mubiru for seven years, left behind her baby of eight months as she travelled to the USA.


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