CITED IN HIT-AND-RUN ACCIDENT: The official car of the Minister that was reportedly involved in an accident early today.

The official car used by the Minister of State for  Labour and Industrial  Relations, Herbert Kabafunzaki, has been involved in a hit-and-run accident along Entebbe Road, knocking a young child unconscious and speeding off.

Musician Lillian Mbabazi, whose friend witnessed the accident and requested her to report the car since she has a bigger following on social media, said the accident happened at about 1:45pm.

“(He) knocked a kid around Kitala, Entebbe Road and sped off… My friend was driving right behind them… Is this where humanity has reached? How do you knock a child and just drive off?” the ‘simple girl’ hit maker wonders. “I don’t know what condition the kid is in, let’s pray for the best…,” Ms Mbabazi posted on her Facebook Page.

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Our sources confirmed the said car used the road at the time the accident is reported to have happened.

“Yes, it is true. The Minister was heading to State House to meet the President…”, the source said.

By press time it was not possible to establish whether the accident had been reported to police, and the fate of the child.

This is not the first time official vehicles are involved in hit and run accidents; two months back a car convoy allegedly belonging to the First Lady’s convoy knocked three people dead in Kawempe, and sped off.


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