BIG TIME? Kenyan socialite Hudah Monroe

Kenyan socialite Hudah Monroe lives a life that many only dream of, and many Ugandan wannabes spend most of their lives trying to live like her.

The downside to Monroe’s fame however, is the majority of the Kenyans who use social media attribute her success to ‘vending’ her body.

Well, if she is not vending her body as claimed or doing charity work, the other thing she is known for then she is making money.

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Now the mistress of all trades has landed a deal as the brand ambassador for Slim Tea; the 28-day detox tea allegedly burns fat amongst other benefits and has been on high demand after the socialite swore by it.

‘’If you know me personally, you know that my biggest fear in this life is GAINING WEIGHT! I take Slim Tea to maintain my body and stay detoxed. I am so honored to have finally signed my contract as one of the Brand Ambassadors of SLIM TEA GLOBAL. Slim Tea is an all-natural ingredients product helping to keep trim and fit. Helps speed up your metabolism and Detox,’’ Ms Monroe posted


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