The Kanyamunyus and lady friend Cynthia Munangwari in Nakawa court. T

Mathew Kanyamunyu and his brother Joseph Kanyamunyu have been sent back to Luzira prisons for remand until December 20 when they return to Court.

The two and their co-accused, Cynthia Munangwari are battling charges of murder in which a social worker Kenneth Akena was reportedly shot and killed and the three are the main suspects.

The three appeared before Nakawa Magistrates Court for mention. As the case progressed, the lawyer for the suspects, Grace Karuhanga asked the trial magistrate Noah Sajjabi to kick out journalist so as the case in heard in camera but Mr Sajjabi flatly rejected the suggestion.

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“ Your Worship I am concerned to the manner in which journalists are behaving in court to the extent that some have stepped at the bar and some were telling me to even sit down,” Mr Karuhanga asked Court

But in response, Mr Sajjabi said, “I cannot block anyone from attending court, this is a temple of justice, however journalists should do their work in an orderly way”

State Attorney Racheal Nabwire informed court that investigations into the case were still incomplete, seeking adjournment.

Prosecution alleges that on November 12, this year, Matthew, Munwangari, Joseph and other accomplices still at large, while on Kampala- Jinja Road near Malik Car Bond, opposite Uganda Manufacturers Association offices, in Nakawa Division, with malice aforethought caused the death of Kenneth Akena

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