It is unfortunate that Ugandans have come full circle in espousing hatred as can be seen on social media, following the death of George Agaba, in a motor accident.

About four years ago, Agaba, then working as the Director of Physical Planning in the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), was involved in a tiff in the city suburb of Luzira, and the standoff led to the death of some people there.

Naturally, he was condemned and that is as it should be. However, seeing the comments that have been made on social media since Agaba died on Saturday, one is left with a bitter taste, with the lingering question: ‘when did we Ugandans arrive at such a station’?

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It may be that those ‘celebrating’ Agaba’s death are disillusioned with the government, an institution they think was protective of the deceased at the time they were baying for him to face justice.

It is quite probable that those celebrating Agaba’s death may never have come in physical contact with him, only basing on the Luzira incident to judge him. They never knew his other side and their actions now do not hurt Agaba because he is dead; their actions now only help to hurt the relatives: his wife and children who have lost a bread winner, plus other people who benefitted from him.

That said, there is no justification for any such inglorious actions because death is an ever-present feature in our lives, one that offers no warning, and this is the more reason we should not take pride in the death of any human being, even those we ‘hate’.

Whatever your travesties while you lived on earth, now that you are a servant of God, rest in Peace George Agaba.