FOUGHT: Members of the South Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA)

South Sudan is set to disarm civilians soon after a secret bill currently being worked out by a parliamentary committee at South Sudan Parliament passed, a senior military officer has said.

The officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the bill is not an actual bill, asserting “the government is talking to all Members of Parliament (MPs) who may not like the plan” to make sure they agree to the request and passed what he called a “simple voice resolution” to give South Sudanese President Salva kiir power to use the national army to wage a disarmament campaign against any civilian who owns a gun.

“A secret disarmament campaign will soon take place. We have been working on this plan since September, so the Parliament is working on it as we speak,” the source said, adding: “It is going to be a quick operation.”

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South Sudan’s government is in fact working on a secret disarmament resolution and the committee responsible for the passing of the bill is occupied only by Kiir’s handpicked parliamentarians, the media confirmed.

Documents obtained indicate that the campaign will be waged militarily against ‘selected areas’ and that Juba will label  those places ‘rebel-held territories’ or ‘anti-peace areas’.


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