SACKED: The Gambian Ambassador to the US, Sheikh Omar Faye.

The Gambian ambassador to the US, Sheikh Omar Faye, is the latest to official to jump ship from the government of Yahya Jammeh, calling on him to step down.

The letter written by Ambassador Faye to recalcitrant President Yahya Jammeh

In a letter addressed to Jammeh, Mr Faye enunciated that the recent announcement annulling the results after initial concession had come as a huge disappointment to him.

He added: “I am supporting the will of Gambian people by recognizing Mr Adama Barrow as the president-elect of The Gambia out of my personal decision and desire to safeguard the peace and social cohesion of our beloved country”.

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The Gambia’s chief diplomat in Washington maintained that he did not discuss his decision with any member of the coalition, noting that it was indicted purely by national rather than personal interest.

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